Who we help

The children who attend The Art Room are referred by their school because of a concern about their emotional wellbeing or behaviour, which in turn is affecting their ability to learn. Typically a child might be socially withdrawn and finding it difficult to participate, or they might be 'acting out' and disrupting life in the classroom.

Many of the children who come to The Art Room are disengaged from mainstream education, disruptive or withdrawn and all have been identified as needing special time away from their classrooms.

Emotional difficulties

Children are usually referred to us because their school is concerned about their emotional wellbeing or behaviour. It may be the consequence of turmoil in their lives, bereavement or family difficulties. They may be young carers or they’re finding their feet after arriving in the UK. Some have specific learning difficulties or autism spectrum disorders. Others are ‘looked-after’ children in the care system, or they keep missing school. Some might simply need a respite from the pressures of mainstream education.

Helping children grow

Whatever is affecting their mental health and affecting their behaviour, time at The Art Room builds on children’s current interests, skills and knowledge, helping them to explore their identity, express themselves and develop their social skills.

Making a difference

We work with 500 children and young people every week, making a real difference to their lives. The latest data shows that 65% of all children – and 73% of children with severe mental health difficulties – experienced an improvement in their emotional wellbeing, behaviour and/or relationships after spending time in The Art Room. Most return to the classroom feeling more self-assured, more socially skilled and far better equipped to learn.