Who we are

We take a pioneering approach to boosting children’s mental wellbeing. Working from Art Rooms embedded within primary and secondary schools, we help children and young people who are being held back by their emotional challenges.

Using art as a therapeutic vehicle, we provide a gentle, early intervention, working in familiar places where children already spend their day.

While children transform everyday objects – like a chair or lampshade - into a unique piece of art – the subtle therapeutic work gives each child an opportunity to explore their identity, feelings and creativity, while expressing their emotions, developing their social skills and growing in confidence.

Turning a mundane item into a breathtaking piece of art is also a perfect metaphor for the transformation children experience during their time with The Art Room.

The Art Room and Place2Be merger

In January 2018 The Art Room merged with Place2Be in order to extend and diversify the support offered in schools to improve the emotional wellbeing of pupils, families, teachers and school staff. 

As of 1 April 2019 The Art Room is a designated service within Place2Be. We continue to work in Oxfordshire, London and Edinburgh with around 530 children a week and our practice remains the same as before. Read more about the merger.

Making a difference

Our work has real impactWhen children come to The Art Room, their emotional and behavioural difficulties are making it hard for them to cope at school. Most return to the classroom feeling more self-assured, more socially skilled and far better equipped to learn.

In 2017/18, many of the children who came to The Art Room were experiencing severe emotional and behavioural difficulties. After sessions with us, 60% of all children – and 70% of children with severe mental health difficulties – experienced an improvement in their emotional wellbeing, behaviour and/or relationships.

The Art Room works in partnership with more than 40 schools, helping more than 500 young people every week.