What we offer schools

Visiting our Art Rooms brings many great benefits to pupils and school alike:

  • an early therapeutic intervention for students with specific emotional, behavioural and learning needs
  • a motivating and creative space that focuses on helping children to express themselves, grow in confidence, build relationships and engage more in learning
  • impact measured and analysed through SDQ scores and reports which track the arc of students’ progress
  • great value for Pupil Premium spend
  • wider ‘whole school’ support, including Inset, Twilight and Postgraduate training for school staff to help them support children with difficulties. We can also help schools establish a creative, relational response across the whole school system

If you’re interested in sending your students to an Art Room, please ring us now on 020 7923 5500 or email TheArtRoom@place2be.org.uk to find out more.