Team building away days

For a fun and inspiring approach to team building, try The Art Room’s unique, creative and vibrant workshops.

Designed to fire the imagination and inspire creativity, our memorable workshops use art as a vehicle to enhance communication and facilitate learning within teams.

Using professional-grade materials and with guidance from our trained Art Room practitioners, your team can transform quality, everyday objects, like chairs, lampshades, trays, coffee tables and aprons, into unique artworks that can be taken back to your office as a symbol of your team’s creative achievement.

With sessions tailored to meet your organisational and team objectives, you’ll reap the benefits long after returning to the office. We can also design sessions to meet your corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives.

Our bright, inspiring studios are versatile, offering an art section and cosy break out areas. Alternatively, we can bring affordable pop-up workshops to your office.

Away days with The Art Room offer you many great benefits:

  • structured activities run by trained practitioners
  • bespoke team building sessions – helping teams solve problems together, communicate more effectively and collaborate
  • individual work – helping people explore their creativity and share ideas
  • sessions tailored to meet your organisational, team and CSR objectives
  • a choice of locations across Oxfordshire, London and Edinburgh
  • competitive prices to fit your budget
  • suitable for teams big and small
  • a chance to see how we help children
  • plus, your support provides invaluable funds for us

So whether you want to celebrate a job well done, achieve a specific goal or simply re-connect as a team, our team building workshops can help you harness your team’s energy and potential, and boost performance back in the workplace. 

Call now to book a workshop or find out more on 020 7923 5500, or email