Schools inset training

*Our schools Inset training is now offered alongside a wider choice of workshops from Place2Be. Have a look at the Place2Be website for more information.

We help adults working in mainstream and specialist education to develop the understanding, skills and confidence they need to facilitate experiences that nurture and engage all children and young people – especially those with social, emotional or mental health needs – helping them to thrive and succeed.

Our sessions combine theory, experiential learning, critical reflection, mentoring and team-building. Training modules include:

  • creating an enabling environment to suit everyone, including physical, curricular and relational elements of practice
  • understanding behaviour as communication
  • active listening and noticing aloud
  • project design and delivery
  • optimising groups for social learning
  • managing transitions and endings
  • building confidence and re-engagement
  • fostering resilience through creativity
  • cultivating positive language and communication
  • developing emotional awareness and literacy through art and stories.

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