Our impact

It’s vital we measure and evaluate our therapeutic activity – we want to know we’re doing our very best for the children and young people we help. Measurement helps us maintain high standards of care and continuously improve and develop our provision.

The latest data shows that 65% of all children who attend The Art Room (and 73% of those who present with severe problems) see an improvement in one or more of these characteristics during their time with us.

Before each child begins attending The Art Room, they are assessed using a well-regarded screening tool - the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire. The assessment is then repeated when they finish.

The widely-used tool provides an indication of a child's level of difficulty in terms of their behaviour, tendency towards hyperactivity, ability to form positive relationships with their peers, consideration to others and their overall emotional wellbeing. 

At the end of the intervention, school staff use our exit questionnaire to detail the changes that they have seen in the classroom. These, together with the SDQ scores, can be compared to the baseline for Pupil Premium and other reporting requirements.