Our Art Rooms

Our Art Rooms are nestled away in primary and secondary schools across the UK. We work in partnership with more than 40 schools, helping more than 500 young people every week. 

Tailored approach

Working closely with schools, we carefully tailor our approach for each student's individual needs and regularly discuss their progress to make sure the positive impact of their time in The Art Room endures when children return to the classroom.


Our eight Art Room studios are located across Oxford, London and Edinburgh:

  • Oxford Spires Academy, Secondary School
  • Orchard Meadow, Blackbird Lees Academy, Oxford, Primary School
  • Aureus School, Didcot, Secondary School
  • Northolt High School, London, Secondary School
  • Robert Blair, London, Primary School
  • Stockwell Primary School, London
  • Barlby Primary School, London
  • Wester Hailes High School, Edinburgh

The Art Room studios provide sessions for students at the host school and several other schools nearby.

To find out more about bringing students to an Art Room studio, visit our schools section.