How it works

Children who attend The Art Room are referred by their school because of a concern about their emotional wellbeing or behaviour, which in turn is affecting their ability to learn. Typically a child might be socially withdrawn and finding it difficult to participate, or they might be 'acting out' and disrupting life in the classroom.

Children are usually referred by their school, educational psychologist, social worker or their parents or carers, or sometimes they refer themselves. When this happens, we talk to their school and decide together whether they would benefit from sessions with The Art Room.

Tailored approach

Managers working within each Art Room then work closely with schools’ inclusion staff to make sure our practitioners have all the information they need to carefully tailor their approach for each student’s individual needs.

Carefully chosen groups

We also work closely with each school to choose groups of up to eight children that we expect to be largely compatible. Many of the truly supportive relationships we see develop in The Art Room are between the students themselves, so it’s important we carefully consider the mixture of personalities in each group. A group with a good mix of strengths, needs and behaviours helps ensure that the positive changes we see in The Art Room continue when children are back the classroom – so we choose groups with care.

Ongoing dialogue

Each child's progress is carefully tracked and shared with their school as part of an ongoing dialogue to share insights. This close relationship with the school is vital, not only for The Art Room to understand the needs of each individual child, but also to make sure the positive impact of The Art Room endures when children return to classroom.

Network of schools

Operating out of eight Art Rooms, we work in partnership with more than 40 schools. By working with children from the host school and several other visiting schools too we’re able to help over 500 children and young people every week. Our Art Rooms are located in eight primary and secondary schools across Oxford, London and Edinburgh:

  • Oxford Spires Academy, Secondary School
  • Orchard Meadow, Blackbird Lees Academy, Oxford, Primary School
  • Aureus School, Didcot, Secondary School
  • Northolt High School, London, Secondary School
  • Robert Blair, London, Primary School
  • Stockwell Primary School, London
  • Barlby Primary School, London
  • Wester Hailes High School, Edinburgh 

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