Certificate in Applied Art Room Practice

Certificate in Applied Art Room Practice 

*Our public training courses are currently on hold as we integrate with the wider training programme of Place2Be following our recent merger.

Learning Outcomes

  • To gain insight into the Art Room’s unique therapeutic approach
  • To deepen understanding of the complex needs of children with emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • To understand the concept of emotional holding and the potential for this within an applied space, using structure, projects and building trusting relationships
  • To reflect upon the qualities and skills of a creative, reflective practitioner, identifying personal strengths and areas for growth and how this can be developed in an applied setting
  • To enhance relevant language and communication skills
  • To develop and practice strategies for managing challenges
  • To identify the key aspects necessary for planning and running successful projects
  • To enhance awareness and understanding of how young people learn and achieve through art

All applicants will receive a certificate in Applied Art Room Practice

Course Overview

5 Taught Sessions: whole day seminars held at Oxford Spires Academy to run on a Thursday

Day 1: Intro to the Art Room / The Child

Day 2: Attachment and the Holding Environment

Day 3: The Role of the Practitioner

Day 4: Projects and Groups

Day 5: Language, Communication and Managing Challenges

2 Observation Days: Spend two days alongside an Art Room team observing sessions.
2 Reflection Days: Days focusing on the application of the practice in your settings. Days will involve student presentations of key issues arising in your practice with peer and trainer supervision as well as time for extended discussions, role plays and skills practice.
1 Reflective paper on the theory of the holding environment and reflections on its application in the Art Room and in your own practice.
1 Skype Consultation: with a trainer to discuss the reflections in your paper and your applied practice

Cost: £1650

Materials: Access to our Art Room library of books, articles and excerpts for borrowing.

Students who wish to pursue an academic pathway for a 60 credit Postgraduate Certificate can still attain this through Bath Spa University as an Independent Study Module. The cost of this pathway, including c. 8 hours individual tutor support, would be £2,200.

Enquiries welcome – please email: TheArtRoom@place2be.org.uk