"I would like to live at The Art Room and have my friends over and eat and make things."

Student, age14

Why support The Art Room?

Row of chairs decorated by the students

The Art Room changes all our futures. We know that it unlocks the inherent potential of society’s most vulnerable children and young people, impacting positively on their families and schools, and also in their broader communities.
Every single gift to The Art Room delivers impact in some of the UK’s most deprived areas. As well as providing crucial financial support it is an expression of belief in what we do and in the children we work with.
As with all charities, The Art Room is dependent on financial support. Your donations enable us to open more Art Rooms, taking our innovative and important work to children in areas of significant deprivation.

  • Work that we have done to date in assessing the impact of participation in The Art Room has found that children who have worked with our practitioners are significantly more prosocial.
  • Their teachers tell us that the problems they experience, while no less awful in too many cases, have less of an impact on their daily lives and the classroom environment than previously.

The Art Room significantly improves children’s mood and feelings, with our most recent impact measurement exercise finding in 2013 that children had reported an 87.5% improvement following participation.

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