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Art Room artwork proudly put on display in special exhibition

Clocks created by the students

The Art Room, at Oxford Spires Academy, was transformed into a gallery for the night as the work of students from across Oxford went on display.

Exhibits by students from eight Oxford schools went on show to parents, carers, teachers, governors and supporters including The Art Room patron children's illustrator Korky Paul.

Work included aprons painted with designs by children from St Francis Church of England Primary School, who attend The Art Room, at Oxford Spires. They were inspired by the children’s book Angelina Sprockets’ Pockets. Also on show were treasure boxes decorated with maritime designs by children from Orchard Meadow School, inspired by the book The Fish Who Could Wish, illustrated by patron Korky Paul.

artworks created by the studentsManager of the Oxford Spires Art Room Clare Keep said: “The children’s work is so fantastic that we wanted to give as many people as possible a chance to see it.

“It’s wonderful for the children to see their work on display – it makes them feel very proud. Everyone is really looking forward to taking their work home.”

Clocks with self-portraits painted on their faces by students from Oxford Spires and Rose Hill Primary School were also on display and hanging from the Art Room’s ceiling were colourful papier mache fish and birds, created by students from Windale Primary School and Oxford Spires.

Children from Matthew Arnold School painted stools with designs based on the Greek myth Icarus. And children from East Oxford Primary School painted a canvas inspired by the book All Mixed-Up, by Julia Gukova. One student created an animal with a dog's head, a sheep's body and a giraffe's legs and tail.

Chairs decorated by the students

Chairs that had been donated by a local restaurant had been recycled into works of art by students from Oxford Spires. Mirror frames had been covered in recycled bits and pieces such as corks, broken jewellery and bottles tops, and then creatively sprayed gold or silver.

Mirrors decorated by the students

Visitors also had a chance to see paintings by children from Rose Hill Primary School inspired by Edward Lear’s poem The Owl and the Pussy Cat. They had been painted during a session attended by The Art Room’s Royal Patron, the Duchess of Cambridge last month.

Stools decorated by children from Mabel Pritchard School also attracted a lot of interest from visitors alongside animal hand puppets by children from Orchard Meadow School.

Founder and Director of The Art Room Juli Beattie said: "The children's talent shone in the new Art Room gallery."

The students were very proud of their work and delighted to share their success with the visitors.