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The Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award Book

Respect your love by Charlie

For the 2012 Award, winner Alison Berrett, worked with writer Kate Clanchy on a book of work with Art Room pupils aged between 11 and 13 from Oxford Spires Academy.

Throughout the project words were linked with the visual language of colour, shape and mark to explore the many ways it is possible to communicate ideas, feelings and atmosphere. A recurring theme was the concept of 'value'.

This was expressed in the final paintings on canvas which incorporated words in them, most of which have been concealed so as to leave the viewer to interpret the work for themselves.

Using art as a starting point, it was hoped to encourage those children who are often challenged and challenging when it comes to writing and literacy. The project ended with pupils writing their own poems to accompany their pictures. The final result has been published as a book which can be viewed here (PDF file, approx 2.5MB).

Painting: Respect your love by Charlie