The students

Colouring in

Who attends The Art Room?

  • Students who have been identified by their teachers and other professionals as finding it hard to engage in mainstream education and who need special time away from their school.
  • A child may have specific learning difficulties or have had an interrupted education.
  • Some children may be disruptive, withdrawn or disengaged, targets of bullying, at risk of exclusion, shy, or suffering bereavement.

How are young people referred?

The young people who attend are referred by their schools, their educational psychologists, social workers or parents/carers. Some students self-refer but a decision is always made in consultation with their schools.

Where do they come from?

  • Primary schools, secondary schools, and Pupil Referral Units.
  • Primary school children are accompanied by their teachers or teaching assistants.  

How long do they stay?

  • Students attend weekly for two to three sessions for a minimum of two terms.
  • Older ex-students ("graduates") of The Art Room sometimes volunteer to help with younger students. This ‘work experience’ gives them greater self-confidence and enables The Art Room team to offer them further support.

Safeguarding policy

The Art Room has a Safeguarding Policy, in line with statutory agencies.


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