Inside The Art Room

The methodology of The Art Room goes above and beyond using art as a vehicle for therapy. The emphasis is also on teaching life skills, incorporating the National Curriculum, assisting emotional literacy and using the power of art to help the children and young people engage positively in their daily lives.

The main aims of the methodology are:

  • To give each child a sense of their own worth and capability
  • To create a nurturing, safe and creative atmosphere
  • To encourage positive language, social literacy and emotional support
  • To provide a structured experience that can contain students at the same time as allowing them to explore their own choices and decisions
  • To help the children negotiate situations where they have gone ’off task’ or are finding it difficult to manage mainstream education and avoid exclusion

How we do this:

  • A key element is the non-judgemental, positive and encouraging approach the Art Room Practitioners show to the students within the boundaries and objectives that The Art Room has developed
  • Each student has their own programme to help them to work independently and at the same time encourage them to work as part of a group. The work they do is always taken back to their homes, schools and often exhibited in local venues so it can be celebrated by local communities.
  • We provide a nurturing warm and safe environment – we welcome the students by shaking their hands when they arrive and then sit together on sofas. We talk about how their week has gone. We share food and then discuss the Art Room projects they are working on.
  • The room is set up in a specific way. It is divided into 4 distinct areas complete with full size furniture and art equipment. The Art Room studio is special in that it combines both a nurturing and educational environment in order to produce a unique space.
  • We offer good quality equipment and interesting projects such as painting self portraits on working clocks.
  • We encourage the students to talk and share their thoughts throughout and use the many opportunities that working together provides to help them reflect on the choices they are making in their lives and help them address challenging areas.